Our programs promote collaboration within state justice communities through one-stop access to key resources for legal aid advocates and pro bono attorneys. They also connect volunteer attorneys with pro bono opportunities in their local area, and incubate new tools to expand access to legal assistance for underserved communities.

Strengthening Lawyer-Driven Services

Our probono.net platform promotes collaboration within state justice communities and strengthens the work of legal aid advocates, pro bono attorneys and law students through one-stop access to essential resources. Through online communities such as MassProBono.org, ProJusticeMN.org and probono.net/ny members can find volunteer opportunities, training events and searchable libraries of practice tools they won't find anywhere else. Connect with these and other statewide probono.net networks at https://dev.probono.net/network.

Reaching Rural and Underserved Communities

More than 60 million Americans live in rural areas with little access to resources and legal aid organizations. Our remote lawyering platforms such as ClosingtheGapNY.org connect legal aid advocates and volunteer attorneys located in urban areas with rural clients to expand the quantity and scope of legal help available on issues such as consumer debt, family law, eviction and more.

Expanding Roles for Community Partners

Pro Bono Net incubates new community outreach and referral tools such as the Legal Risk Detector, which enables social workers, nurses and other professionals in aging to conduct legal health “check-ups” for the homebound and disabled elderly and refer to them to legal services. Learn more by visiting our Justice for Older Americans page.

More than 115,000 advocates and volunteers around the country are members of the probono.net network, which spans more than 22 states.

Other Solutions for Advocates

National Justice Networks

Our national programs help advocates across the country working on issues such as immigration, disaster response and veterans rights network with each other and access expertise they won’t find anywhere else. These programs also provide pathways for volunteer attorneys to get involved in some the most pressing legal challenges of our time.

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Helping Law Firms Do More Good

Pro Bono Manager is a cloud-hosted, mobile-responsive web application that allows law firms to more efficiently manage, promote, and grow their pro bono program, and ultimately Do More Good.

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Solutions for advocates and volunteers

A central part of our strategy to increase access to justice is strengthening the work of legal advocates and volunteers. Our statewide and national programs help network the public interest legal sector, and empower advocates with resources and tools to put their skills to work for the public good.

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