If you cannot afford an attorney and have to represent yourself in court, filling out legal paperwork correctly can be a confusing and difficult process. LawHelp Interactive helps people create free and accurate court forms simply and easily, an essential step towards resolving a legal problem.

Leveling the playing field for people without lawyers

LawHelp Interactive hosts over 5,000 free legal forms that people without lawyers can use to prepare their own legal documents and pleadings online for free. It is also used by legal aid advocates, pro bono attorneys, and court systems to make the process of creating legal forms easier and faster, and to help ensure our justice system works for people of all income levels.

Leading Innovation and Best Practices for Nonprofits and Courts

LHI supports justice communities in identifying legal areas where easy-to-use online interviews can expand justice for thousands of people. We train leading legal aid programs, courts and other justice community partners in developing and growing successful online forms initiatives. We work with programs in over 47 US states and territories and in Canada to build new delivery models centered on online forms that bring legal legal resources to hard-to-reach, remote and underserved communities.

Support for Legal Professionals and Community Partners

In cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, LHI forms play a key role in serving hundreds of people each day at court self-help centers, pro bono clinics and libraries. In rural communities, LHI is powering remote services to help more people access and complete vital forms, such as an order of protection, with assistance from trained advocates or pro bono attorneys. LHI can fully integrate with databases used by courts, legal aid programs and family justice centers, and can be expanded through an e-file workflow designed around the needs of self-represented litigants.

Each year more than half a million free legal documents are created using LawHelp Interactive

Other Tools for Individuals

Statewide Resources

In the United States, laws and regulations can vary by your geographic location. Our strategies and tools are designed with local nonprofit organizations in your state to ensure information and resources are accurate.

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National Resources

Some legal issues affect people across the country and need to be coordinated nationally to have a dramatic impact. Our strategies bring together partners from around the country to develop tools and initiatives around issues that affect us all.

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Helping individuals access the full power of the law

Every day, countless low-income and vulnerable people in the US face legal problems without help from an attorney, or even a basic knowledge of their rights.

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