Our national initiatives tackle justice problems affecting thousands of people across the country, and equip organizations and individuals with tools to address some of the most pressing legal needs and opportunities of our time.

Serving Undocumented Immigrants

Immi helps immigrants in the U.S. understand their legal options. Our online screening tool, legal information, and referrals to nonprofit legal services organizations are always free to use.

Protecting Voting Rights

Votingrightsinstitute.org trains and empowers the next generation of voting rights attorneys combatting the greatest threats to American voting rights in more than a generation.

Justice for the Disabled

OlmsteadRights.org provides legal resources and information for individuals with disabilities, their family members and legal advocates to advance opportunities for the disabled to build lives of choice and independence in their community.

Other Solutions for Individuals

Free Online Legal Forms

If you cannot afford an attorney and have to represent yourself in court, filling out legal paperwork correctly can be a confusing and difficult process. LawHelp Interactive helps people create free and accurate court forms simply and easily, an essential step towards resolving a legal problem.

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Statewide Initiatives

In the United States, laws and regulations can vary by your geographic location. Our strategies and tools are designed with local nonprofit organizations in your state to ensure information and resources are accurate.

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Helping individuals access the full power of the law

Every day, countless low-income and vulnerable people in the US face legal problems without help from an attorney, or even a basic knowledge of their rights.

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