The Immigration Advocates Network (IAN) expands access to immigration legal resources and information through collaboration and technology. IAN was created in 2007 by leading immigrants' rights organizations, to increase access to justice for low-income immigrants and strengthen the capacity of organizations serving them.

Immigration Advocates Network

The Immigration Advocates Network’s Resource Centers connect the advocate community to trainings and materials from national experts. Users can browse our materials, sign up for alerts, and find fellow immigrant allies and advocates.


Citizenshipworks is an online naturalization platform that makes applying for citizenship easy. With Citizenshipworks, Legal Permanent Residents can self-screen for eligibility, complete their your naturalization paperwork, and connect to virtual or in-person legal assistance.


Immi helps immigrants understand their immigration options and legal rights. Through immi, users can learn about various forms of relief, access a directory of over 1,000 non-profit legal organizations, stay up to date with changes to immigration law, and make a plan in case of an encounter with ICE.


#StandwithImmigrants campaign invites volunteers to join our work and show support for immigrant friends and family. It connects volunteers to legal resources, trainings, and opportunities with nonprofit partners, to help immigrants across the country.

More than 500,000 immigrants have used an IAN tool to connect to legal assistance, access a form or immigration relief, or learn how to protect themselves and their families.

Other Special Initiatives

Justice in New York

New York State has long been a leader in the access to justice community and serves as a model for states around the country. From New York City to rural upstate communities, Pro Bono Net's programs have played a transformative role in how legal help reaches the underserved across the state.

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Helping Communities Recover

After a natural disaster, underprivileged individuals and communities especially face an uphill battle to access disaster aid. Many face legal issues directly caused or made worse by the disaster. We develop and host self-help tools and information for communities impacted by disasters, and facilitate collaboration, networking, and resources to legal advocates engaged in disaster recovery efforts.

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Justice for Older Americans

Many seniors, but particularly those living on the economic margins, are vulnerable to issues such as financial exploitation, abuse or eviction. We create online tools that power new models of collaboration to serve the legal needs of older Americans, including those who are who are homebound, disabled or isolated.

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